My experience with a Tesla Model S 85D


Recently I purchased a Tesla Model S 85D. I plan on sharing my experiences with the Model S in a few short blog posts. If I put all of the information into one post, it would be huge, boring, and even I wouldn’t want to read it all. 🙂

First topic:

The Purchase Experience

Ordering a Model S is very simple, yet complex. You can order one online via It’s simple to do online and easy to understand. What makes it difficult is the fact that it’s online. Confused? Let me explain.

One difficulty I had was deciding on some of the features that affect the look of the vehicle. It’s easy for me to decide if I want a panoramic roof or if I want the third row seats. Items that were a bit more difficult were the things like the color, the tires, and the interior. Because it’s an online process, it’s difficult to get a true feel for how the color looks because it’s not in front of you. How does the tan headliner look with the black seats? Hard to make out in the pictures. So, I’d suggest going to a service center where you can get a better feel for the colors and how items look with each other. In my case, I ordered what I thought would look best together and luckily it turned out great.

Once you press the Order button to confirm your order, you have a week to adjust it before it’s considered confirmed. This allowed me to debate whether I wanted to choose a different color, every day, multiple times per day, until it was confirmed. I ended up leaving the design as is but I really liked the option of changing the design within the first week.

The hardest part about ordering is the waiting. Once the order is confirmed it has to go through a number of steps before delivery and each step seems agonizingly slow. It’s not really slow but when you order something you REALLY want, no matter how long it takes, it seems like a long time.

While you wait Tesla does update you on what step your vehicle is in. During the later stages you are assigned a Delivery Experience Specialist who will work with you to ensure you have everything ready for delivery. They are also your conduit for any questions you may have during this process.

While I waited, I believe I saw every YouTube video ever recorded that was remotely related to Tesla. 🙂 You my experience that same need to view everything possible and surround yourself in everything Tesla. Eventually I learned it was best to focus elsewhere and get on with my life. Like I said, the wait was tough.

Eventually the day arrived and I was headed to Chicago to pick up my car. During the delivery, Tesla walks you through the functionality of the vehicle and does a great job getting you familiar with its features. This is your opportunity to ask questions and look the car over to ensure that it has everything you ordered and doesn’t have defects. During my delivery I noticed there was a small ding in the hood. While I was getting familiar with the vehicle, Tesla repaired the damage and stated that if it wasn’t to my satisfaction they’d replace the hood. After reviewing it I decided they did an excellent job (I could no longer find the ding).

The best part of delivery had finally arrived – I got to drive it home! Though I could have easily driven it home without stopping, I decided to stop at the SuperCharger that was on my way home. I was looking forward to my first experience at the SuperCharger so I decided to stop in Pleasant Prairie. Unfortunately no other Teslas were there charging so I only stayed for 15-20 minutes and then headed home.

Overall, the ordering and delivery process were great. Easy to order and, after a grueling wait, awesome to finally drive home.

Charging at Pleasant Prairie
Charging at Pleasant Prairie

Next up:  Driving long distance

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