A meeting between like-minded Tesla owners

I’m a member of the Wisconsin Tesla Owners group on Facebook.  There are numerous groups for Tesla owners on Facebook including one for anyone in the world to join and discuss Tesla topics.

In late October some of us from the Wisconsin group gathered to celebrate the opening of the Sheboygan Super Charger and to take pictures of our favorite cars.  Recently we did the same thing, meeting at Lambeau Field for picture taking, talking, and lunch.

Sheboygan Super Charger meeting
Sheboygan Super Charger meeting

Sheboygan Super Charger meeting
Sheboygan Super Charger meeting
Lambda Field Tesla Gathering
Lambda Field Tesla Gathering
A Tesla owners gathering at Lambeau.
A Tesla owners gathering at Lambeau.

I don’t know if this happens with other cars, but every owner I’ve encountered has been very friendly and willing to talk about their experience.  In fact, I find that many of them I’ve met recently have similar values, experiences, and interests.  Again, I’m not sure if all Mustang or Corvette owners, as an example, experience the same thing or not.  However, I think this really shines a light on the fact that each style of car attracts a specific style of person.

In this case, I guess a Tesla attracts people based on their interest in technology, their desire to have a low impact on the environment, and/or their interest in a fast and sporty car.  While a Corvette or other muscle car may attract people that want a sporty/fast car, I think the Tesla attracts on multiple levels, more levels than most.  I think that makes the owners feel more comfortable with each other because we have more of those traits in common.  Have others found this to be the case?  Do others that own something other than a Tesla find the owners have common traits as yourself?

So, for those of you interested in technology, interested in having a low impact on the environment, and interested in having a car that turns heads due to its unique and sporty style, you should take a Tesla for a test drive and see if it fits you – or if you fit it.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “A meeting between like-minded Tesla owners

  1. Thanks for sharing Shane. After having several different cars, and attending several enthusiast meets with said cars, I can say you’re spot on.

    I started my fascination with Tesla a few months ago and determined to own (probably lease) a P90D by 2017. I’ve met 2 owners recently and talked to them. One of them wasn’t interested in conversation, but he may not be the type of person interested in meets with other owners either…

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tony. I agree that there are some that don’t want to participate in anything dealing with other humans and that’s a level of a person’s personality that cars can’t surmount. 🙂 Pointing out that those people wouldn’t become involved in meet-ups does make me wonder if the people I’ve met are friendly because they are the type of people to participate in meet-ups. Either way, I’ve definitely enjoyed my interactions with other owners.
      BTW, if your fascination with Tesla is only a few months old, then welcome to the club. It’s a great ride (pun intended). 🙂

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