My name is Shane Miller.  The name “TiVoShane” that I use for various sites comes from my love for the TiVo DVR.  Many moons ago I got one (either a Series 2 or 3) and loved the software interface and ease of use.  I’ve been upgrading my TiVos ever since and each new iteration makes me love it again.

I’m the Chief Information Officer for the Eastern Wisconsin Division of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS).  Basically that means I work with St. Vincent Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital in Green Bay, Wi along with St. Nicholas in Sheboygan, St. Clare Memorial in Oconto Falls, and all of the Prevea Clinics.   I’ve worked with the organization since 1997, much longer than I thought I’d stay at any job when I started.  My background is in software development and I imagined myself writing cool games when I was a teenager.  However, I found I can affect more lives in a positive manner by working with an organization like HSHS.

This blog will probably contain some randomness but will hopefully have some usefulness as well.  Either it’ll inform or entertain.  I can’t predict which one.

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